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Property owners have a responsibility to protect citizens from injuries caused by negligence. Most property owners take that responsibility seriously and will prevent and remove hazards that lead to injuries. Not all commercial, municipal and private property owners take the care necessary to protect those who lawfully use their premises. State and federal regulations protect the rights of citizens who have been injured by the negligence of a property owner when on a property for legitimate reasons. Negligence can be established if a person or entity knew or should have known about a hazard and did not take the necessary steps to fix the problem. In many cases, public land owners have the responsibility to monitor the property to ensure the safety of their customers, clients, or, in the case of municipalities, their constituents. Many injuries that would fall under premises liability can be quite serious and can include concussions, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and more. If you have been seriously injured on another person’s property, you should consider your legal options. Jeff Brody Injury Law is ready to represent your interests in and out of court. Do not let someone’s negligence devastate your life and livelihood.

Property hazards

When you frequent public or private property, you can find many hazards that can cause you serious injury. Though the property owner should take all the care to monitor the premises, you may still find yourself injured by hazards, including:

  • Weather-related conditions
  • Building code violations
  • Various slippery or toxic substances
  • Dangerous animals

You could face slip and falls, toxic exposure, motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents or animal bites that can leave lasting injuries, impacting your future with overwhelming medical bills, lost wages, and more.

You should collect evidence

If you are injured on someone else’s property, your personal injury case may depend on your ability to prove the negligence of the property owner. You will have to satisfy the burden of proof. First off, seek medical attention. When you get the help you need, a medical professional will detail and document your injuries, where you were injured, and approximately the time you were injured. This information can be useful for your case. Furthermore, if you are able, consider collecting evidence to support your claim. If you can take pictures of the condition that caused your injury, it will only benefit your case. Especially with weather-related conditions, things can change by the minute and if you were injured by snow, ice, or standing water, it may not be there when you get back. If anyone witnessed your injury, ask for their contact information. You may need their corroboration. If you are injured by a dog, collect information about the dog, the owner, and any information related to rabies shots. If you cannot collect evidence for yourself, contact Jeff Brody Injury Law to act quickly. It is imperative that you have evidence to prove your case.

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Jeff Brody Injury Law serves Kingston, Ulster County, and all of New York State with quality and compassionate representation regarding personal injury matters. If you were injured on another person’s property, you should contact Jeff Brody. Mr. Brody will assess your case, explore your legal options, and passionately and effectively represent your interests in and out of court. If you were seriously injured because of the negligence of a commercial, municipal, or private landowner, contact Jeff Brody Injury Law for a free consultation.