Workplace Accidents

 Workplace Accident Attorney in Kingston, NY

worker climbing in safety stairRepresenting clients across Ulster County and the Hudson Valley facing workplace accident injuries

If you are injured in the workplace, whether that be in an office or on a construction site, you have rights. You may be entitled to workers’ compensation. Even though recovering compensation for your injuries should be straight forward, you can face a multitude of legal issues from your construction and scaffolding accident, workplace accident or spinal cord injury. You could be confronted with an insurance company unwilling to pay your claim. You may also face the possibility that your injuries were caused by a negligent third party. In those circumstances, you should file a lawsuit against them as well as filing a workers’ compensation claim. Whatever the case, Jeff Brody Injury Law is ready to guide you through your legal options and effectively represent your needs. If you have been seriously injured in the workplace and need quality legal services, contact Jeff Brody Injury Law.

Construction and Scaffolding

There are millions of people with jobs that are hazardous. Construction workers are no exception. They are employed in one of the most dangerous working environments in the country. Some work below objects that have the potential to fall and cause major injuries. Some work high above the ground supported by scaffolding that they trust will hold their weight and protect them from falling to their demise. If you have been injured because of faulty scaffolding or ladders, you should consider your legal options.

Workplace Injury

There are numerous jobs across the country with risks to the safety of the employee. Dangerous jobs can cause injuries that can impact one’s life and livelihood. Some injuries leave lasting effects on a person’s future. Though employees and employers often take the proper care to protect everyone, accidents are bound to happen. Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that was implemented to protect workers from overwhelming medical bills and lost wages after they were hurt at work.

Spinal Cord Injury

Accidents in the workplace happen frequently. When people work on dangerous jobs, they are at risk of serious injuries that can leave them with lasting impacts to their future. One can be burdened with medical bills, lost wages, and the inability to return to work. When these injuries involve the spinal cord, a person’s future can be devastated. Spinal cord injuries can impact your ability to walk, be intimate, use your arms, and even breathe properly. Spinal cord injuries can be caused by a variety of situations, including slip and fall, motor vehicle, and workplace accidents.