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Kingston Construction Attorney Discusses Scaffolding Injuries

yellow hard hat on construction siteRepresenting victims across the Hudson Valley hurt by scaffolding or ladders on construction sites

There are millions of people with jobs that are hazardous. Construction workers are no exception. They are employed in one of the most dangerous working environments in the country. Some work below objects that have the potential to fall and cause major injuries. Some work high above the ground supported by scaffolding that they trust will hold their weight and protect them from falling to their demise. If you have been injured because of faulty scaffolding or ladders, you should consider your legal options. You could face injuries that could impact your life and livelihood by financially burdening you with overwhelming medical bills and lost wages. You could face a devastated quality of life with a permanent serious injury. If you were injured because of a construction accident, you should contact an attorney with the skill and knowledge to help you navigate through your legal options. You may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim. If you injury was caused by the negligence of a third party, you may be able to bring a valid personal injury lawsuit. To know more, contact Jeff Brody Injury Law for a free consultation.

Construction site accidents

Construction, excavation, and demolition workers are protected under New York State Labor Laws and the New York State Industrial Code. If you are injured on the job, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation helps injured parties cover medical bills and lost wages after a workplace accident. Workers’ compensation is a form of no-fault insurance that allows an employee to get the help they need. It also protects the employer from litigation for negligence. If you are seriously injured and file a workers’ compensation claim, you will not be able to file a lawsuit against your employer.

In some circumstances, your injuries may be caused by a third party. You may be able to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of a product, the designer of the product, or even the third party that supplied the equipment. You could recover compensation for mounting medical bills, lost wages, legal fees, and even pain and suffering. If you were to file a workers’ compensation claim and a personal injury suit against a third party, you may be responsible for paying back the money for the support supplied by your workers’ compensation claim. In some cases, the workers’ compensation insurance may be able to hold a lien against damages from an outside lawsuit.

Contact an Ulster County construction site accident attorney

If you are injured and need compensation for your injuries on a construction site, you have a few potential obstacles. Sometimes, insurance companies refuse to satisfy a workers’ compensation claim. Other times, you may have to sue an outside party for injuries you sustained because of their negligence. Whatever the case, if you were injured because of a defective scaffolding, ladder, or other piece of equipment, you should contact an attorney immediately. If you need an effective and compassionate attorney, contact Jeff Brody Injury Law for a free consultation.