Testimonials for Jeff Brody Injury Lawyer


“Jeff Brody was one of the best decisions we made after my surgical injury. Jeff was recommended to us by mutual friends and he came to our aid almost immediately after the operation. It was so helpful for us to have someone to talk with about how this routine hysterectomy for uterine cancer had resulted in the severing of my inferior vena cava requiring a graft to replace it. Jeff’s expertise and easy manner made this emotional journey tolerable. His medical knowledge far exceeded anything we could have envisioned and his advocacy, compassion, sensitivity and willingness to go the extra mile were exactly what we needed to make it through. I am not sure any other lawyer would have done the same. We would highly recommend Jeff Brody and his friendly supportive staff to anyone who has experienced any type of medical injury.”

-Lois Schonger


“When no one else would take our case because my father wasn’t “valuable enough,” Jeff Brody had the selflessness and caring heart to take it for us. For all he has done for us to honor our father’s name, and to get justice for us at his own expense, we will be forever grateful. Thank you Mr. Brody for knowing how important family and love for one another is. You are a very special man and we will never forget your kindness.”

-With much thanks, The family of Harold Bohlinger


“My brother died because a hospital failed to discover that he swallowed a bone that was stuck in his throat. He was sent home but became very ill within days because he was poisoned when the bone punched a hole in his intestine. When Jeff Brody took the case to trial, I was amazed at how well prepared he was and how effective he was in court. I would gladly recommend Jeff to anybody who is injured by the negligence of another and needs a lawyer.”

-Steven Cramer, Plattekill, New York


“When I found out I had kidney cancer, I was devastated especially because they had to remove my kidney. It only made it worse when I was told by my new doctor that the cancer could have been dealt with without losing a kidney, if my previous doctor had only followed up when she found blood in my urine. Jeff Brody’s law office was recommended to me and I will never regret that Jeff was my lawyer. He understood the needs of my family and resolved the case with a very good settlement which will protect me and my family for many years to come.
Thank you Jeff!!”

-Lila Wright, High Falls, New York


“When we realized that the doctor had not followed up on a spot on my late wife’s lung x-ray and that as a result she had advanced cancer, we were besides ourselves. Jeff Brody and his peronal injury team were right there for us and when my wife passed away he took action against the doctor. Jeff was always there for me throughout the case, even after it settled for more than a million dollars.”

-Ryan Martin, Naples, Florida


“My beautiful son died when, as a backseat passenger, the car he was in was hit right where he sat. I retained a prominent law firm that wanted me to settle for too little, I went to Jeff Brody instead and he stepped right into the case, keeping me calm and focused throughout. We went to trial and the case settled for more than 4 times the amount the other lawyers wanted me to accept.”

-Sonia “Teri” Gittens, High Falls, NY